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It's heeere! My frequently asked questions. These are obviously things I get asked in person or my Instagram and I get them quite often so I figured I'd my a FAQ page


Q: What kind of makeup do you use?

A:  I used to be all about full coverage but these days I usually just use light concealing with some blush and highlight. I only ever use foundation if I’m going out or in the mood for a full face lol I’ve really started loving powder foundations recently, I feel like it’s lighter and easier to wear throughout the day versus liquid.

Q: How do you do your eyebrows

A: Here's a pictorial :) [edit] pictorial was made decades ago lol I no longer do my brows this way thankfully, these days I’ve just been shaving off the tails of my brows and filling it in how I want. I feel like I have more control that way. 

I actually got very lucky with my skin and never really break out, but I'm very proactive about UV protection and wrinkle prevention so I am always switching up my skincare routines to find what works best for me. I'm trying to be better about updating on here :/

Here's a post I've made in the past, very outdated at this point I'll try and make a new one soon. 

Q: Where do you get your tattoos done?

A: I go to flying panther tattoo in golden hills, Thor does most of mine. He's amazing and his Instagram is @thorissy
Q: Is that a cabbage?

A: No. It's a peony.
Q: Does it hurt/what does it feel like?

A: Not really? Also depends on what you're getting.  For the most part, I have a pretty decent pain tolerance. I feel like once you hit the 3 hour mark is when your skin starts to get raw and it becomes a real bummer after that. My stomach took about 5ish hours and I was struggling after a while lol

For more stuff about my tattoos I made a post a while back >> Let's talk tattoos

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