It's heeere! My frequently asked questions. These are obviously things I get asked in person or my Instagram and I get them quite often so I figured I'd my a FAQ directory page :]

Q: What kind of makeup do you use all the time?

A: I have made one super crappy YouTube video of my "everyday look," the products I use vary everyday of course but that's pretty much the gist of the things I do. Bare with me with the ugly chipped white nails and horrible, visually unpleasing background u.u

Q: What foundation do you use?

A: I have been really loving stick foundations. My recent favorites are Makeup Forever's HD Foundation stick as well as Hourglass' new seamless foundation stick. If I want to go for fuller coverage I use It Cosmetics Illuminating CC+ Cream.

Q: Are your eyebrows tattooed??

A: No
Q: How do you do your eyebrows

I actually got very lucky with my skin and never break out, I've never had acne and don't have any acne scars but I do take certain precautions and try and take care of my skin so that this never happens!

Q: What do you use for your skin?

A: A great deal of things

Here's a few posts I've made in the past that show a few things that I use daily :3 

Q: Where do you get your tattoos done?

A: Last Days Tattoo in Ocean Beach, San Diego. I specifically go to Tieken who has done all but one of my tattoos.

A: Yes.
Q: What do you have?
A: Ganesha, panther, cat, Totoro with noface mask, rose, Japanese traditional sleeve (starting)
Q: Are you going to keep it like that or are you going to add color?

A: No I'm gonna leave the outline forever. (yes, probably the most annoying question tbh)
Q: Is that a cabbage?

A: No. It's a peony.
Q: Are you going to get more?

A: Probably.
Q: Does it hurt/what does it feel like?

A: Some areas more than others. For the most part I have a pretty decent pain tolerance. I've seen people cry when it's really not that serious in my opinion. My back didn't hurt too bad and my friend got a little one in the center and it hurt her a lot, so it depends on the person and where you stand with pain. It's definitely uncomfortable but you just kinda sit through it. As for what it feels like, it feels like what it is.

For more stuff about my tattoos I made a post a while back >> Let's talk tattoos


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