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The Fire Spot + Cutwater Spirits

The Fire Spot:

 Price: $$

This is now my new favorite place for kbbq in San Diego. I'm not sure when they opened but I hope they can have another location soon. It's pretty small inside so we waited 1.5 hours before we were able to be seated :< Still 100% worth it. Their banchan is so good and their spicy miso pork belly is the best. And they have mushrooms!! We used to go to taegukgi a lot but they recently raised their prices I think? And I just feel overall fire spots meat is better quality. The only thing that's missing is the soju selection tgg has and then it'd be perfect lol.

Cutwater Spirits:

Price: $$

We frequent cutwater regularly lol The last time we went the charcuterie board wasn't on their menu for that season so we finally got to try it this time. I like it a lot, their pork belly macaroni is also really good and my favorite but wasn't on this specific menu this time lol