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6 days of Christmas + Happy New Year!

This year I thought it would be fun to have a Christmas sweater week and wear a different sweater each day leading up to xmas. I got all these second-hand on rag stock for cheap. Monday, Friday, and Saturday's sweaters are the cutest :< I think I'll continue this and make it a lil tradition. I think next year I'll make it have some sort of theme.






Saturday: XMAS!

Spent the new year at home with my family while we drank a little wine and played some Mario Kart on my switch lol I suck :( but still enjoy playing. I haven't gone out for new years in soo long. I think I was asleep by 11? Lol. A few pictures from the night. Idk what kind of wine that was but it was really good. Tasted more like sangria? It gave me a headache after the first drink bc it was sweet lol Also my aunt made albondigas :>

Last picture is Kaya when she's smiling cos she was excited lol Thinking back on this year I've gone through so many changes and have really focused on rekindling the love for all my hobbies. I should be graduating fall 2022, so after that, I'll have more time for myself :> Genuinely very excited for this year.


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