Friday, August 28, 2015

Ulta Haul | MOTD

I've really been needing a new setting powder so decided to make a trip to Ulta, and of course I ended up splurging a little. Typical Selena. The Ulta near my house recently changed it's shop front a little and now carries Lancome products! I'm super excited for them to restock their products and actually ended up buying a setting powder that's super lightweight and and has a nice satin finish. I bought it for my under eye areas to set my concealer and my highlighted parts so I got it in the lightest color.

Staying on topic with new products Ulta is carrying, a new makeup brand called Makeup Revolution has been added and I've honestly never hear of it before??? And I was very curious because the prices are comparably to NYX Cosmetic's so I decided to try a few things out to see if the quality was up to par as well.
Makeup Revolution:
Mermaids Forever Eyeshadow Palette ($10) Cream Concealers ($15) Extreme Highlight ($6)

So off the bat I enjoyed the packaging simple and cute. Before buying I asked a few of the employees and asked if they've ever heard anything about the brand and apparently it's gotten great reviews. What the hell, why not right? Initially I was surprised with how many different products there were. They had baked bronzer palettes, blush palettes, a handful of different eyeshadow palettes, cream concealers in different shades, as well as highlighters. It's usually pretty hard to find decent highlighters in low end makeup brands so I was a bit intrigued to say the least lol. However, I'm very disappointed with the formulas of each of the products :/

The eyeshadows are too bad for the price. They remind me of BH Cosmetics or Coastal Scents shadows. A little bit more on the chalkier side, and for some reason some colors had more pigment and blend more easily than others so it's kind of annoying. I applied the orangy color to my hand with a blending brush and it all kind of sticks to one spot and took a lot of effort to blend out. I really wanted to like these shades just because I don't really own any colorful palettes but the quality just doesn't work for me.

Next! Concealers. Once again, not my favorite. For a lower end brand I'm excited to see palettes like this but the formula is really very waxy and has more of a sheer application. Don't really have anything else to say about it. 

Alright, last and definitely the least favorite. This is for sure a dupe of Nars' Albatross, it looks white but when applied it's a very intense gold color. The application isn't smooth at all and I feel like it's a bit blotchy :/ 

I really really wanted to like this brand, but the formula of the products in the end just don't cut it for me :/ a part of me wants to keep them and give them a second chance but I don't really see that happening. I feel like palette wise, Morphe offers the better quality for similar products. I feel like for someone who is new to makeup and want to get some nice palettes for your growing collection but still keep it on the cheaper side I definitely think this brand is good for that (I would recommend NYX instead but they actually don'y have pretty eye shadow palettes.) I think I've just become very picky with my makeup and overall just don't think the products suit me. 

The Balm Cosmetics
Mary-lou Manizer | Bahama Mama | Cheater Mascara

The only things I own from the Balm is the Nudetude palette, which is amazing. (you can peep the review here.) I hate buying makeup online and Sephora and Ulta don't carry their products so I just never really looked into it even though I know EVERYONE and their moms rave about the mary- lou manizer highlighter. A few weeks back I was randomly strolling through Kohls, and to my sweet surprised they carried the balm products (⌒ω⌒) so you know ya girl had to try things out. I picked up a few other things I've heard some talk about and have yet to really try things out. I can't wait tot put these babies to use. 


Thursday, August 13, 2015


Hey guys, I had a wisdom tooth pulled and it ended up not being nearly as bad as I expected but now I still have an few days of not working so I've had a lot of time to blog about things and do stuff (・∪・) I decided to work out a to-do list for those that want to use (if you have normal work hours) their last day of the weekend productively, and with a good laid back vibe. Lately I've had little spurts of motivation and it feels good when I get things done, for example finally catching up on blog posts. 

This is something I would ideally like to get done on my days off (I usually don't get Sundays off) but I'm gonna imagine that these would be good for others as well :)

1. There's a lot of stuff to catch up on from the weekend and preparations for the next day, but first, coffee. For some reason I'm very caffeine intolerant so I can't drink it as much as I'd like. There's a coconut coffee that I really really like that I imagine would be great to start off your Sunday (I'm drawing a blank on the brand) 

2. Make breakfast/workout. I usually am not a breakfast person (or a morning person and I usually workout around midnight) but I feel like these either of these are a good way to get your body away and energized for the day :)

3. Do laundry. The dreaded laundry. I especially understand how annoying it would be if you don't have machines at home and have to go to a laundry mat. But it's best to get it out of the way and done early, because if you're like me you'll leave the basket hanging around in you're room for hours until you're ready to put your clothes back where they belong.


5. Clean your desk/workspace. It feels good to have a nice and tidy workspace, something about it makes me more excited to actually do work. (I get the same feeling when I buy new school supplies lol) Thus giving you the tine spurts of motivation I spoke of earlier :)

6. Map out your week. I'm not the most organize person and tend to just take things as they come without much thought into it. Lately I've been really trying to get organized and have bought 2 different planners (one for personal and one for school) but I think one would suffice for most people lol. It's good to have an idea of how your week is going to look. I tend to go by one week at a time vs. by months because things are constantly changing and I find it annoying scribbling out things that needs to be moved around.

7. Clean out your closet. I swear it's not as bad as it sounds. 2 hours max, and that's coming from a girl with lots of clothes. It feels amazing when you're finally able clothes your drawers :') And it's always nice to donate clothes you never wear. 

8. Enjoy your day off. I have a playlist I listen to when I'm trying to get things done or when I'm doing homework to help maintain a good aura! Enjoy (✿◠‿◠)


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Kiehl's Goodie Bag

So I have the amazing opportunity of trying out some skincare products from Kiehl's and I'm very excited (I've been needing to change up my skin care routine as it is) and I couldn't be any more pleased with the products!

I was especially excited when I saw the hand salve because while I'm at work my hands constantly get dry touching cardboard and clothes all day so I was a bit sad when I lost my Burt's Bees hand salve. This one is ultimate strength so I look forward to using it daily. Trying it out it has a really medicinal scent to it (in a calm herby kind of way) that's quite nice. To the right is their lip balm which I put on immediately because of course I conveniently ran out of chapstick today, and so far it has kept a nice layer of moisture on my lips for a good couple hours. :>

This is an item I'm particularly excited for because it's a line reducing serum. I made sure to really prep my face before I tried it out because with products like this you always want to make sure you have a good clean face before hand. I lightly exfoliated and lightly pre moisturized my face and then applied a little bit around areas around my mouth, nose and forehead. It also says it can reduce the appearance of pores which I am all for. (๑◔‿◔๑)

Probably my favorite out of the bunch, the eye moisturizing cream, with avocado. AVOCADO. That alone brought me joy, but aside from that I really enjoy the texture and how it applies to my skin. It really stays on for a while and makes my skin look healthy and glowy :> I'm sure you can put makeup over any of these products but I think I will just use them during the evening after I take off all my makeup just to be sure I'm using them to their full potential.

And that does it! For anyone that doesn't know Kiehl's has an amazing annual 12 day motorcycle ride, from Denver to California! All to raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS research, it's an amazing cause that everyone should take the time to look at! You can check out the rest here :)

● Products Listed 

 Lip Balm #1
 Hand Salve

New York, New York VLOG up!

Finally I got around to editing the footage I had, I'm new to Final Cut Pro so I kept it short and simple, just testing out the waters a bit I guess. I was there for such a short period of time and just really wanted to show some of the main things I loved when I visited.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Life Update | Pt. 3

Hi all. 

I'm sorry my blogs been pretty stagnant lately :/ Every since I sold my Rebel my hearts been empty and haven't had the motivation to make good posts bc I have to use my phone for pictures now (;ω;)Summer is almost over which means back to school for a lot of us, and I have to say I'm pretty excited to go back to school this month and knock these classes out. I'm also trying to apply for a higher position at work so hopefully all goes well and I do great lol. I'm also trying to be more organized this year (I have bought 2 planners, one personal one school and a butt load of note taking apps plus my ipad lol.) I really need to work on my time management and hopefully I can post as often as I plan on.

I've also invested in Adobe Lightroom, which I've had before and tbh I totally prefer Photoshop, there's less lag and you can do more but VSCO Cam happened to send out a free preset package specifically for Lightroom so I decided to go down that route. Which I'm particularly excited about because now I can edit my photo more professionally (Lightroom) and feel better about how they look on my blog. I've also downloaded Final Cut Pro which I'm especially excited for. I've been wanting tis program for a very long time now, and I can finally make a video out of all the New York videos I have from the beginning of the year (T▽T)iMovie does the trick for simple videos but I'm ready to devote some major time for some editing and get back on YouTube :>

I'VE ALSO GOTTEN BACK ON NEOPETS GUIZE. I love Neopets and have had an account since '04 but it got deleted and my second oldest account for some reason I can't log on because my birthday is wrong lol (I set my year earlier so I could go on Neoboards) however I do have side account here :) If anyone has a np account (which somehow I doubt is likely) holla at a sista! I'd love to know who else who has a Neo passion ( ・ิ∀・ิ)

I've also been in a book rut. I read a lot of mangas, watch a lot of anime (it's on my to-do list to revamp my list and write what I've finished and am behind on and it's a pain) but I also can't seem to find a good (real) book :/ I don't really do a whole lot of fluffy romance non-sense and like middle earth/fantasy/adventure/semiromantic/action/thinker books. Any suggestions? Help get me out of this bookless rut u.u

Until next time! I hope to start having a blog post once a week, I'm thinkin Friday? We'll see :>


Monday, August 3, 2015

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