Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Interpol @ Humprey's


A while back I went to an Interpol show and I never got around to making a post about it. Their venue was at "Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay" in Shelter Island. Personally, I was super disappointed by everything :( Since the venue is in somewhat residential and around little inns I don't think Interpol was allowed to play very loudly. If I can hear the person 10 feet away talking it's not loud enough. There was a few times where I had to focus really hard on what song it was. u.u

Which hurts my soul bc I personally loved the setlist (despite them not playing C'mere) Here's a little clip from their performance that I put up on my YouTube channel :>

Bottom line, Interpol is amazing live but I probably won't be going to this venue again. And before I forget here was their setlist from the night :>

  1. Narc 
  2. Evil 
  3. Encore:
  4. PDA 


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My blush and highlight routine

I've expressed many times how much I love Nars' duo-intensity blush in 'frenzy.' It's my favorite to use as a highlighter with awesome payoff. I blush half of it is my least favorite just because it doesn't really apply evenly and comes off a  bit patchyI've tried applying it tons of different ways but nothing really seems easier. One's you blend it all and make it pretty it looks great but it's not my first choice in blush.

That highlight though. I probably could have wiped down the holder a little but I got lazy, plus it just goes to show how much I use it right? (灬ºωº灬)♡


Thursday, June 11, 2015

21 years of life, 21 things I've learned the hard way

I tried really hard and looked through my photos to find a photo that I felt captured my life up until now, and I failed lol. I turned 21 in May, and I'm super excited about it, but when I think about it another year to my life is adding more responsibilities and crap I don't really want (乂・д・) Yet so many amazing things has happened to me and I've learned so much in the past year alone. SO in honor of personal growth and turing 21, I'm going to write 21 things I've learned throughout my life ◠ ◡ ◠

 1. It's easier to accept people and enjoy their company instead of hating everyone and everything.
2. No matter how they're made, onions will always be disgusting.
3. If you have someone who makes you happy, do everything in your power to keep them.
4. Wear what you want.
5. Exercise really does make you feel better mentally and physically.
6. There's no getting around it, math sucks.
7. When I was in elementary school and throughout middle school and highschool I was super into jpop, kpop, anime and reading manga and literally no one was into it and people thought I was weird. But now it's such a big thing and everyones like "omg bleach." My point, be yourself because other people will make fun of you and then probably like what they were making fun of you for later in life. (not really maybe story is somewhat unrelated but I ranted BUT BE YOURSELF IS MY POINT??)
8. Open your mind to different cultures, ideas, people and music. It's good to be well rounded. (you don't want to be that person who only fits in with one type of scene if ya know what I mean.)
9. It's not worth being annoyed by everything.
10. People will always do what they want, with or without you in mind. So don't always take things personally.
11. Disneyland isn't really that great.
12.  You should be with someone that motivates you to be a better person, don't let anyone make you feel bad about yourself.
13. The internet is not that serious.
14. You can't choose who you love. Before I didn't think it was possible to "not love someone anymore." But people change and things fade.
15. Pears and peanut butter will never get old.
16. Your grades in school do NOT reflect your intelligence or you as a person.
17. Even if genuinely busy, people make time for who and what they want. If you realize someone is not putting the same amount of effort and think they don't care, chances are they probably don't.
19. Don't change who you are because you feel you're not good enough for someone.
20. Boys are genuinely stupid.

In short, live how you want. And if you're not, work hard and figure out what you can do differently. I've realized who you keep in your life and who you surround yourself really does matter. Live positively nuggets and find what makes you happy (✿◠‿◠) Nothing is a waste of time, just a lesson learned and another experience to add to the books.

*also, I got this blog post idea from nueyork, she has an amazing blog and is actually  one of my favorites so go look at her amazing posts and pictures*

My new glasses -- Firmoo

I've really been in dire need of new glasses. I have some Oliver Peoples frames but the lenses are completely scratched and horrible so I can barely see through them :( Super excited that I was able to receive some glasses from Firmoo which you can HERE. If your eyesight isn't exactly on point like myself, they take yourRx prescriptions as well so you can have prescription lenses, which is what I chose :)

I love they way they fit and the tortoise color (which is similar to my other glasses actually lol) They have a rounder shape to them than what I'm used to but I love it and have been getting compliments on them at work :-) My manager actually calls me Hariette Potter when I wear them because of the round frames (⌇ຶД⌇ຶ)

They include an awesome case for my frames which I was excited about, a little lens wipe and a copy of your invoice. Also there is a little screw and a handy mini eyeglass screwdriver I'm assuming to fix little things that happen. I'm not much of a handy man so if anything happens to my glasses I just get new ones, but for those that know how to use it then I think you'd appreciate it! Also I happen to not be able to find the little screw that came with it because I'm not good with keeping track of small things :/

Overall I'm very happy with these frames, they're super lightweight and go great with basically anything. Don't forget to check out Firmoo's Daily New Arrivals! They really have an amazing collection and if it's your first time visiting you can get 15% YOUR FIRST PURCHASE!

I haven't been able to take a decent selfie in them yet but you can see me wearing them here.


Daily Products

 I've really been trying to get back into being healthier (I haven't been to the gym consistently in months) and trying to use better beauty/skin products.  There's rave reviews across the board with Nip+fab products as well as Kylie Jenner endorses the product. So far I don't feel too much of a difference with my skin, and the Dragons Blood Serum is a little bit sticky and has an odd finish so I use it under my usual daily moisturizer. I have yet to decide of they're actually worth the price :/

I love tarte, and I really wanted to try the maracuja oil but the full bottle is a bit on the pricey side, and with my skin I wasn't sure if it'd actually be good for me. Ulta finally restocked on the little mini ones for like $10-15 I don't remember the exact price but I do love it! If I'm feeling dry I put it on my skin before I prime. Also if my cream contours are feeling a bit dry I add a drop and they're as creamy as ever without ruining the consistency of the product :)

As said before I've really been struggling with my skin this past year. I get little bumps that I can't really do anything with (I also have very sensitive skin, no scented lotions, heat rashes etc.) and I bought the Hair Skin & Nails vitamins at work because they were on coupon. The pills are basically all biotin, which is supposed to help support and make your skin healthy and hair grow and all that good stuff. So far I am actually seeing improvement in my face and the little bumpies aren't as prominent :') Now I'm just waiting for the 12 inches of hair I cut off to grow back.

HOWEVER. The pills smell gross and I cut one open bc curiosity and it's disturbing lol Next time I'm buying the gummies. (the reason I didn't is 1, we didn't have them at Costco at the time and 2, the gummies aren't as strong) you have to take 3 of these suckers daily and I don't like them very much. If I don't eat before I take them I find myself feeling gross and groggy :/

It's been a while since I have use my face masks daily but I started my routine up again, and I also think it's what helped with my little bumpies as well. I loove this brand because it's inexpensive and they have so many different masks. My favorite is actually their chocolate strawberry mud mask, it smells like milk chocolate and what else would I want to smell like.

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