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Blink Lash Boutique - use my 20% off code

I've been really thinking about lash extensions for years now and I think I've finally found the place! (with decent prices :>) Blink Lash Boutique is a cute little boutique in Fashion Valley that specializes in lash extensions and have other waxing services :)
Here's some of the pricings :

So if you don't have the budget for the full regular service, they also have the option of an apprentice doing it for you for a little but less. Similar to when you go to a salon and you choose between a senior and an apprentice I suppose. But within the next month or so I plan to get mine done by an apprentice so super excited.

Waxing prices 

I'm super excited to make an appointment soon and excited to share my 20% off code for you guys to use :) if you have lashes extentions and need the follow up care products or other beauty products  shop here and use Mondays&Mimosas$20 off at the end of each purchase!


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