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Internet Inspo | Life Part 2. Why I Haven't Changed My Domain

So yet again I am back with a collage to make my blog look pretty and an excuse to ramble on about a few things. The past 6 months I have really been considering changing my domain for my blog, (take out the .blogspot and replace it with .com) but honestly I just don't like the idea. This is my blog, and I feel like keeping the original domain makes it feel, idk more home-y? It just feels so much more intimate and personal as opposed to a .com (however professional it may be.) Maybe I'm just over analyzing it. 


  1. I love your blog,looks lovely
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  2. Hey, I'm on the same boat here... It may look professional to add the .com but I feel that keeping the .blogspot adds a personal touch. To me, it seems like you've put in more time and effort as .blogspot rather than having the domain changed. It feels more like your putting less effort and thoughts to your blog. I've followed your blog via GFC; hope you can do the same.

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  3. I thought I was the only one in the world that thought this! I love blogs that still have the .blogspot, to me it feels more homey and less businessy. Maybe I'll change my mind one day...


    1. Right? I feel like the point of a blog is for your personal insight etc, .com just seems so.. not personal lol

  4. There's a lot of huge blogs who still have the blogspot. I personally can't buy my domain name because someone else owns it (lame)


    1. Awh really :( I made a wordpress (that I don't use) just so no one took the name on that either hahaha but my site with the .com isn't take which excites me but idk if I want to or not.


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