Friday, April 24, 2015

All dressed up and nowhere to go-- Things to do in San Diego

It's a little rainy today in San Diego so I thought I'd just post a things to do in San Diego (some activities not recommended on the very few rainy days we have)

First I'd like to start off with Adobe Falls, just opposite of SDSU along the 8.  I've made a blog post waaay back when you can find it here and see all the rest of the pictures I took. It's a nice little place that's good to explore and hang out for a bit.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015




Monday, April 20, 2015

Balboa Park | Earth Day Festival, mini picture diary


SunglassSpot + Holy Grail Products


So last week Sunglass sent me some perty little shades that I'm stoked to use! They're all only $5 so stock up!! you can get your sunnies here and be a happy little duck while in the sun B)


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

OB Dog Park

Note to self and everyone with an Intax Fiji Camera, the sun settings are not what they seem ;~; I found out that the brighter the icon doesn't reflect how sunny the place you're in is but how bright you want your picture to be. Annoying! Wasted one good film picture T^T

Also an upcoming blog post on Interpol's show at Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Internet Inspo | Life Part 2. Why I Haven't Changed My Domain

So yet again I am back with a collage to make my blog look pretty and an excuse to ramble on about a few things. The past 6 months I have really been considering changing my domain for my blog, (take out the .blogspot and replace it with .com) but honestly I just don't like the idea. This is my blog, and I feel like keeping the original domain makes it feel, idk more home-y? It just feels so much more intimate and personal as opposed to a .com (however professional it may be.) Maybe I'm just over analyzing it. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

April Ipsy Bag

Stoked on this months bag!! It's just doing everything right (with a makeup bag I might actually keep!) A few weeks ago I bought the Nudetude palette from the balm and expressed how I was super excited about the nudedude palette they recently launched. And what do you know! One of the shadows ended up being thrown into the bag and I couldn't be happier and more excited to try it out! As always, I adore the balms packaging.. *insert smirk face emoji*

On to the other products -- I swatched the lipstick by KCO colors in Natural Born Beauty and it's mauve-y creamy color that's not too sheer that'll probably more hydrating for my lips which I like.  Next up, Hikari blush in Tango. This one is probably one of the more exciting ones that I can't wait to use because it's a beauuutiful color and I actually have other products by this brand that I know are very good so I'm hoping that this meets my expectations.. Plus I love a good pink!

And lastly the facial lotion and perfume. My skin is uber (yes uber) sensitive and my skin reacts to certain products poorly :/ I've decided to opt out of this one for the time being until I get the energy or motivation to read up on the brand and dig up some reviews.. but at least the perfume smells nice haha.

For everyone that knows me they know I love vanilla, I refuse to wear anything that's not vanilla scented lol. I feel like all other perfumes have a weird aftersmell of rubbing alcohol and I'm not a fan.. Vanilla is timeless and smells amazing and delicious, but if there's ever a day where I feel like I need a more elegant smell (even though vanilla can be elegant smelling but whatever) then I'd probably use this perfume for a bit.. 



Lately I've been really getting myself back into the basics of fashion. A few days ago I received a v cute package from POPBasic and I've been dying to make a blogpost about it. POPBasic is an online company that designs trendy limited lines and pieces and I'm really excited to style and show you guys.  I already have some good outfits in mind for the basic grey tee and necklaces -- hehe.

From the line ~  there are some cute fragrances from a partnering company that I actually have yet to open because I didn't want to ruin the packaging

Ariel Necklaces

Super excited to put everything together and pair it was some cute jeans and heels!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Internet Inspo | Life

A new series I think I'm gonna start. There's so many amazing pictures and accounts that inspire me and I think I'm gonna start sharing and give a chance for me to write about what's happening. Also, I do NOT own any of these photos. 

A very important update, I sold Yoko Thomas (my camera) so I'll just be taking pictures from my phone until I upgrade to the Canon Rebel T5i :(

Upcoming posts: 
So a few exciting things happened this month one, the new ipsy bag is one POINT this month and I'm super excited to do some reviews on the products as well as a mini facial product haul from Ulta :3 Also POPBasics and I are doing a mini collab n.n They sent me some awesome stuff I can't wait to share and style :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Beauty Essentials | March Favorites

It's been a while since I've done a favorites post. Lately I've been in a beauty fashion rut, and when you're in a rut you just get back to the basics. I haven't really been inspired lately makeup wise and especially in what I'm wearing. I went back to square one and started wearing the basics (which can be better) Less definitely can be more. Here are a few things that I absolutely can't go without day to day. And a few things that have been my favorite (and possibly all time) this past month.

Left to right


NYX Honey Dew Me Up: This is a hydrating primer with honey extract and gold flakes. It runs a little pricey for NYX ($18 with tax I think?) But for me it lives up to what it says it'd do. I feel like I have a nice pregnant glow, and since I don't wear foundation I feel like it shows a little more. And it hold my makeup in place pretty well.

Coola: Coola is actually a neat brand I discovered through my ipsy bag. I hate wearing foundations and the tinted moisturizer by Benefit I always used got discontinued and I was struggling with finding one I really liked. They product is so great and it has high SPF. This particular one I bought thinking it was a different moisturizer, I don't really like it because it's really silicone-y and I get a bit oily so it's annoying. But I still use it everyday.

ABH Contour Kit: I'm sure everyone in the makeup world has this palette and with good reason. It's multi-purpose and easy for travel. I use banana to set concealer and the others for bronzing, contour and even a light eyeshadow. (I have it in shade Medium)

Nars Dual-Intensity Blush in Frenzy: MY FAVORITE. This new line is aaaalllll too perfect. Every single one of these blushes/highlights are gorgeous. I was particularly attracted to the gold highlight and I use it everyday. It's $43 at Sephora but hey. 

ABH Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown: Literally the only thing I've been using on my eyebrows since it got released. I used Medium brown and Chocolate usually it varies depending on what I want that day. But it lasts forever on your face and the product itself lasts soo long.

IT Cosmetics Concealer Brush & Bye Bye Under eye in Light: I know I'm said before but It cosmetics is my absolute favorite. This is the softest concealer blending blush and the concealer is full coverage. It's an amazing brand and they recently came out with some new things I can't wait to try :>

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Japanese Friendship Garden: Cherry Blossom Festival

This year I was finally able to attend the Cherry Blossom Festival in the Japanese Friendship Garden at Balboa. They had a full day planned dedication to tradition Japanese dances and music. They're garden extension is open but I believe they're still working on some things but from what I saw and walking around it was still beautiful. The cherry blossoms are still blooming but they still don't disappoint. :) I also had my first bbq pork buns?? I see characters in manga eat them all the time and I was a bit curious, I'm not a huge fan of bbq I think if it was something else I would have liked it a lot more but I would probably still eat them again lol.


Photo Diary - Balboa


SPRING BREAK: Santa Monica|Venice

For spring break some of my best friends and I wanted to go on a mini roadtrip to SM and stop by Venice on our way back. I was sooo stoked it turned out to be a beautiful day. From San Diego to Santa Monica it took us exactly 2 hours which surprised me, we hit little to no traffic on the way there which is amazing going through LA. (however later on in the day when I was trying to get to lacma the traffic and stupid driving made me want to choke someone) For the most part it was a pretty chill day with good friends :-)


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