Monday, March 30, 2015

Cream Contour: ABH vs Cover|FX

Hey guys, I'm back with another product review :) I've been asked about cream contours a lot before and I have contoured with cream products before using darker foundation sticks and concealers but never really had an actual palette for it. After ABH stepped up the contour game in the makeup world and then came out with the cream kit literally 5 different palettes were released within the same couple weeks. I was at Sephore and they actually had two different sections with powder and cream contour stations. I was trying to pick between the Laura Mercier and the Cover|Fx kit and decided I didn't really like the LM one.


Monday, March 23, 2015

Recent Purchases

I haven't been really up to date with  my makeup and have been really splurging lately to catch up on things I've been meaning to try out but never really gotten around to. I've bought a lot recently but have really been investing in eyeshadow palettes and writing this I just realized I for got to add some pictures and swatches from Marc Jacob's The Dreamer eye shadow palette which is soo beautiful. I bought it at Sephora the same day I bought Nars' new Duo Shadow blush in Frenzy. It's probably one of my favorite purchases in a long while. I wear it in daily in combo with some of the shadows in the Semi-sweet Chocolate Bar palette by Too Faced.

This palette is probably the best one they've come out with I think. They are all so highly pigmented and the moment you open it it smells like cocoa ;v; It has the same smell as their chocolate soliel bronzer. I've been using peanut butter as my crease transition color and it's amazing honestly. I highly recommend this palette. However the blue kind of throws me for a loop (I don't like much color in my palettes) but I'm sure some one out there will like that baby lol

For suuuuuuch a long time I've wanted this by The Balm in their Nude'tude palette (recently they came out with a sexy men version which will probably be my next purchase) I never wanted really to commit to buying until I was just tired of that "what ifs" and went for it haha. I'm a sucker for cute packaging and all of The Balm's products are dripping with sass and remind me a lot of Benefit Cosmetic's style. There are only a few matte colors in this palette but even so it's still a worthy buy. Sexy, sultry, and snobby are my faves and Sexy actually makes for a reaaally good inner corner and brow highlight, you just have to be careful since it's so pigmented you can do with a lot with a little.

Last and definitely least favorite, this Petal Palette by Urban Outfitters. I bought this online thinking "how bad could it be," the reviews were decent (it only had 2) and it was decently priced. The packaging is very pretty which was mainly why I wanted it and the colors are nice so I was hoping that it wouldn't be too much of a disappointment.

It was hard to even properly swatch the colors because of how chalky the shadows are. Only about 5 of them are actually usable because for some reason they're a lot smoother and pigmented than the others which is weird. I'll probably never use this palette in my life and it's such a shame bc it looks so pretty lol

That's all for my palettes! I've recently bought the ABH Cream Contour kit in Medium as well as the Cover FX Cream Contour palette in N-Medium. I literally just received my ABH CC kit in the mail hours ago so as soon as I test it out and mess with it a bit I'll be doing a comparison review on the two :-)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Music

Using 8tracks for the first time to share some music I've been listening to and I don't like that I can only share 2 songs from each artist :-( But I've really been into some laid back music for when I'm studying and Spotify doesn't have Nujabes to choose from so I explored a little and found some songs/artists I actually reeeeally like.

  1. Dj Okawari - Flower Dance (other recommended songs, Minomi, Luv Letter, ring)
  2. Tycho - Awake
  3. Inf - Day Dreaming
  4. Nujabes - Aurian Dance
  5. Nujabes - Reflection Eternal (literally all albums are amazing highly recommend)
  6. Hazzy - A little more
  7. Kondor - Peace of soul
  8. Kondor - Tribute to Nujabes
  9. Kondor - Mental Healing
  10. Hazzy - Street Drrams
  11. Tsunenori - Silent Miss (instrumental, non instr. is my favorite)
  12. Pismo - Condisder my love
  13. Nomak - Calm ( a really good album overall)
  14. Nomak - Anger of the earth
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