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I Did A Thing

So this was actually completely spontaneous, but not exactly the first time I've thought about doing it. Yesterday I basically cut 7 inches off of my hair, and I'm still not really over it.. I've had my hair with the ombre style for the past year and a half I want to say and since I first got it my hairs grown sooo much. With that being said it basically looked and felt like hay it was so unhealthy because I never really cut it.

It was SUCH a hassle to put it up or have it look decent (I have natural beachy waves, so with the dryness of my hair I'd get little dready curls) and I was over it.

So now for the big reveal, I have plenty of before pictures on this blog as well as my instagram but so we can see a direct comparison here's a photo just before I got it cut and re-dyed:

It honestly looks and feels so much better I couldn't be happier.  When I first got my ombre it was a good blonde, but I've never actually been this blonde. It's really well blended with my natural hair and I'm actually excited for my hair to grow out. I cant really call it an ombre because she basically had the blonde start from the top of my hair which I didn't want at all but whatever. Forever looking like a soccer mom now lol.