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News and exciting things to come~

So as said before I have a lot to blog about that I'll be getting around to. I really want to get into how-tos, DIYs, makeup tutorials, fashion blogging, favorites posts, tips and advice posts and everything in between. I've lost inspiration over the past months, but it's safe to say I've regained it :]

Also look forward to another updated tattoos post now that I've got some color on my sleeve. I'm debating if I should hold off on that post until the outline is completely filled in.. It just so happens that once I finish my arm I'll be finishing up my back as well so I'll be able to share both pieces eee. I can't wait, it's an expensive hobby u.u 

TopShop San Diego's Grande Opening is in a weeks time! So you know very well I'll have pictures and a post ready on all of that. From what I hear TopShop goes all out on their openings. We also get the whole day before to shop as employees. I'm stupid excited and can't wait til we're open and I get to meet everyone. I've made a few friends during training and everyone seems nice so far.

I look forward to everything n.n