Wednesday, April 30, 2014



!~ by halfcat featuring tarte

Miss Selfridge shirts top

River Island platform boots
$74 -

Fringe purse

Flower garland


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Day in Imperial Beach

I had originally planned on going to La Jolla and check out the coves but I think that's being saved for tomorrow. I'm taking every chance to use Yoko and I'm absolutely in love. I'll probs have tons of beach pictures up and hiking pictures using Yoko. But here's a little slice of IB :3


AA bralette

Got this cute sheer bralette from American Apparel and I love it. It's super cute and when I tried it on it didn't look completely stupid. It was only $14 so I thought why the hell not. Usually my boobs are too big for things like this but I fit the medium pretty well, if you've been eyeing these I'd say go for it!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Beach day

So I took Yoko Thomas out and had some fun hangs with some friends at Mission Beach, thought I'd share some shots :>


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Balboa Park: Take 2 Photo Diary

So here are some neat pictures from today, unedited :>



Used the lorac pro and unzipped palette today on the eyes with some thick brows. They come out different every day :/


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Every Day Makeup

 Hey guys so I wanted to do an everyday makeup post of the products I use daily, this is normally how everything comes out when all is done. One product I did leave out is the NYX translucent setting powder to set my concealer and also the Tinted Moistureizer by Benefit I use it basically everyday bc foundations are too heavy for me.
 So my blush is one of the things that vary day to day bc I have so many to use I usually change it up depending on the look I'm going for. Today I used tarte's blush palette and I used the second one to the left I forget the name but it has a cute shimmer to it also.

 So I know this has been featured in one of my monthly favorites so ya'll have seen it and know I use it a lot!

 One of the first things I bought from tarte was this amazonian clay concealer and as you can see it's running low lol. It's good for the somple and clean face days and gives really nice coverage.
 AND ALL TIME FAVORITE MASCARA.A lot of people day this isn't an everyday mascara and it's too much but honestly, unless you don't love fab eyelashes then you don't know what you're talking about.
 Everyday I contour the hallows of my cheeks as well as the sides of my forehead and jawline with this foundation stick and blend it out. Afterwards I set it with bronzer so that it doesn't smudge or move around. I bought it in the darkest shade and it's pretty decent in blending out and isn't too heavy.
 After my bronzer I clean it up and highlight with this foundation stick from NYX in one of their lighter colors and blend it out :-) 
 ALL TIME FAVORITE LIP LINER. It's one of the nicest neutral shades ever I think and it goes with everything and its absolutely perfect. I also use this everyday basically lol. (was also featured in a favorites post)

And that's that! Can't wait to start making videos :) Don't forget to follow me on Instagram! @halfcat 

IM BACK!!-- and in HQ :>

So I've been MIA and not up to date with my blogging but I'm back and now it HD/HQ pictures and videos :D I literally just bought the Canon Rebel T3i like 2 hours ago and by high demand of friends and co workers I'm gonna start a YouTube channel :D So stay tuned!!

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