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Nike Roshe iD-- First impressions

So about a month ago I bought some Nike Roshe Run iD online about a month ago and just got them a couple days ago :-) I took a while bc I customized them and all that fun stuff like the color and texture and all that. The reason I love Roshes is mostly bc of the speckles lol which you cant really see as well in this picture but they're pink.

You can tell in the picture that the top of the show (everything grey including the tongue) is verrrry thin, its basically like having a sock to cover your foot. It's super breathable(?) and my feet normally sweat :-( but not as much with these. They're super airy and light and the sole has a lot of support.

 I know a lot of people wear these for the sake of fashion but I've been using this for my aerobis/weight lifting class and when I play tennis. Overall I like them very much :-)

Also sadly I got chocolate on them and idk if I'll be able to get it out ;-;


  1. love the customization you did, very cute colorway.

    1. Thank you!! I'm barely noticing and replying to comments a year later I'm sorry hahaha


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