Friday, February 28, 2014

Cloudy Day

Cloudy Day

Monki striped tee
$11 -

Glamorous black disco pants
$25 -

Zadig Voltaire studded purse
$700 -

Monki vintage glasses
$14 -

Slouch hat


Winter in San Diego

Were finally having a rainy day! And I'm gearin up. I have a night shift tonight and the warehouse gets cold, so what's better than my Russian army looking jacket :> I've been really into the Lorac Pro palette and creme contouring lately (what I used in this picture) I also have naturally lion hair but decided to use some sea salt based creme and twisted it in to some of my waves to give it some texture :-)

Y'alls have a good day and if you're in SD enjoy this weather while it lasts

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Music for the soul


2."Los Awesome" (featuring Jay Rock)

3."Collard Greens" (featuring Kendrick Lamar)

4."What They Want" (featuring 2 Chainz)

5."Hoover Street"  

6."Studio" (featuring BJ the Chicago Kid)


8."The Purge" (featuring Tyler, The Creator and Kurupt)

9."Blind Threats" (featuring Raekwon)

10."Hell of a Night"  

11."Break the Bank"  

12."Man of the Year"  

Basically the whole album is sick but I bolded my favorites.

Better late than never..

So I know I've been super behind on my blogging later so I thought I'd get started on some monthly favorites! I've been pretty consecutive with the things I've been using the past couple months that I haven't talked about. So first I'm gonna get into my makeup! In numerical order: (I mixed 3&4 :[ boo)

1. Athens
NYX Matte Lip Cream- I've been super in love with these. I tried it out at Ulta one night and was hooked. It's basically a matte lipgloss and it comes off super smooth and creamy. I've heard a lot of good things about their butter gloss but haven't really gotten to them..

3. Mac Lip Pencil- Boldly Bare
OBSESSSSEED!! I basically wear this everyday. It's a very versatile nude pink that you can wear up or down. Love it so much and I usually put some of the matte lip cream by NYX in Athens over it or the Stila gloss which I'll talk about later.

5. Anastasia's Brow Pomade in Chocolate
I didn't like this product so much at first and was a bit iffy when using it because a little goes a long way (I happen to have a very heavy hand) and I didn't like how easily I could mess up my eye brows with it. But I finally got the hang of it and every picture of me in the past month my brows were filled with this stuff :> it is a gel to powder type and stays on forever it definitely can make a bold brow. (also to the right of it is just the brow brush thing I use)

6. Stila Lip Glaze in Cupcake
Initially when I bought it I didn't know it was the twisty type where you twist it a bunch and wait for it to come out. I normally don't like glosses or makeup that's built this way bc I get impatient and twist it 1000 times and end up with too much, but it was on sale and 3 for $15 so what can ya do. BUT I have found I also really like it when I wear it over my Boldly Bare lip liner :D (3.)

I found these babies on Urban on sale for $20 I think and I basically wear them everyday. They go with literally everything and once you break them in they're not so bad. It's black velvet with a zipper in the back to add a little spice. I'm obsessed with the cutout and the mini heel. It takes a while to get used to the zipper in the back but if you wear it with pants or leggings it ain't so bad :>
Also from Urban, I bought this last year and never really used for school (usually when I go hiking or staying the night somewhere) up until this year because I have to bring more books to class this semester :-( It has a square/egg shape to it so oddly shaped or bulky items don't really fit right in it. I love cats obvi and I love tapestry cat designs even more. I've been dying for the JC Cat Tapestry Litas for ever but my size is always sold out :( 


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nike Roshe iD-- First impressions

So about a month ago I bought some Nike Roshe Run iD online about a month ago and just got them a couple days ago :-) I took a while bc I customized them and all that fun stuff like the color and texture and all that. The reason I love Roshes is mostly bc of the speckles lol which you cant really see as well in this picture but they're pink.

You can tell in the picture that the top of the show (everything grey including the tongue) is verrrry thin, its basically like having a sock to cover your foot. It's super breathable(?) and my feet normally sweat :-( but not as much with these. They're super airy and light and the sole has a lot of support.

 I know a lot of people wear these for the sake of fashion but I've been using this for my aerobis/weight lifting class and when I play tennis. Overall I like them very much :-)

Also sadly I got chocolate on them and idk if I'll be able to get it out ;-;

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The most annoying day of the year is coming up ladies and gentleman! For those of you single pringles like myself you can easily succumb to the sadness of not having anyone else to "celebrate" this day with. But who says you have to? Be your own boyfriend!! Here are a couple ways to make it through the day of annoying tweets, couples uploading annoying cute sh** on instagram and old people asking you if you have a boyfriend.


2. Treat yourself. Buy yourself a nice strong smelling candle, light it and spend the whole night watching movies on Netflix alone with your cat. (nothing better than a strong smelling candle to give you an illusion of a sexy man in your room)

3. Anti-Valentines day parties! Who says you have to spend it alone? Hang out with some friends, dress up look nice and do nothing together (or get crazy who really cares no one bc you don't have a boyfriend to nag about these things see isn't it great?)

In all seriousness this is just another day so don't be bummed if your without a significant other! And if you have one then.. yay. I think I may make a love your body post. I think most girls nowadays need to be reminded weighing over 110 pounds isn't a bad thing. Stay tuned :>

Lazy Dayz

Lazy Dayz

Short shorts

Report shoes

Karen walker eyewear

Jigsaw cable knit scarve
$115 -

Black candle

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