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New Years

So this New Year like most of you probably I hope to change a lot about me, my perspectives and my priorities. Although 2013 wasn't very good to me I realize it's more about how I handle things than what actually happens in my life. So to make my life and maybe any of yours a tiiiiny bit easier I've made a simple outline the things that could be done to take a step towards a happier year.

1. One of the things that stresses me out most through out the year is school. I have extreme time management issues on my part and I've been trying really hard on ways to fix it. Lately I've found that if my room is clean and my desk is clean I'm more willing to work lol. A clean and uncluttered work space is very inspiring trust me!! Also keeping a little planner for EVERYTHING. I love the new iOS7 update so now I'm more willing to use the calendar app (I hated it before it looked ugly) and also my yearly planner where I can map out everything that's due and so on.

2. What you can do to relieve this stress: RUN! I hated running but honestly you feel so much better physically and mentally after a good run. If you lack that motivation then just buy some good running shoes some cute exercise clothes so in the end you're just like "I spent all this money for a reason.." And USE THEM. If you're gonna run at least you can run cute and you'll feel amazing afterwards I promise. What's the worst that can happen, get into shape?

3. Leave the past in the past. This is something I've always had trouble with. There's no reason to cling to old news. Let go of everything that hinders your mind from enjoying yourself! Easier said than done I know but it's something to at least attempt.

4. Find out which relationships you have are affecting you negatively, and let them go. If there's someone in your life that is disrupting balance in your life, don't be afraid to let them go. The people that mean the most to you can be the ones that hold you back the most. Some relationships are just a matter of bad/good timing (both friendships and deeper ones) so don't be afraid to let them go, focus on you and start over again when you're in a better and more stable place in your life.

5. Be young, adventurous and have fun :3