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Road Trip: Santa Monica

So if you follow me in Instagram you'd know I visited Santa Monica just to get out of San Diego and explore life a little. The trip there felt longer than the way back and I regret not taking the 1 along the beach. But it was still a beautiful day. One of the things I noticed is that it's SUPER like actually clean. Compared to downtown San Diego or OB, PB, IB any of our beach towns, it was ridiculous clean.I saw guys walking around cleaning but still. It kind of blew my mind. I've never been some where with absolutely no tagging.

The pier was nice, from far away it looked really small. I felt like if there were high tides it'd just be completely swallowed up.. But still had nice roller coaster and ferris wheel adventures.

 The one thing I went specifically to see. The barbie house :3 Also I had to note the beach was completely empty. I was confused if people are even allowed to walk in the sand. Even though it was a Thursday afternoon if you were in San Diego you best believe there'd be hundreds on the beach lol.

 As my luck goes my phone died 10 minutes into the drive there. Luckily I had put my my Polaroid camera in my bag or else I'd have no pictures of my own ;-;

Also there was a gnarly park across the street from the pier. Also super clean.