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Fall Music- AM

So super behind on this post, but if you haven't listened to Arctic Monkey's AM then ya need ta go! I highly recommend it. It was released early this fall and if you're in the San Diego are they're gonna be playing at SDSU! If you go to State they won't be giving out discount for the tickets if you have you're red id sadly :/ Or else I'd def use it :<

But I hiiiiiiighly suggest you listen to this album! Below I've pasted the tracklist just so you can get a feel of it. 1,6,9 and 12. Listen to them.

1."Do I Wanna Know?"  

2."R U Mine?"  

3."One for the Road"  


5."I Want It All"  

6."No. 1 Party Anthem"  

7."Mad Sounds"  


9."Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?"  

10."Snap Out of It"  

11."Knee Socks"  

12."I Wanna Be Yours"  


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