Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My skin care routine~ The keys to a happy face :>

So I want to start off my saying that I have been grateful enough to have been born with skin that is NOT acne prone, but I do have very sensitive skin. So these are just some things I do/use to help maintain the skin I already have since I don't have acne scars or anything like that I can't give much advice because I don't have much experience in the field of pimples :(

1. DO NOT SLEEP IN YOUR MAKEUP! You just wake up cakey and greasy and it's better for you skin if you sleep with a clean face. If you're morning shower-er (unlike me I shower at nights) then I highly suggest face wipes to remove your makeup! And if you are a night shower-er even better bc you can shower and then use the facewipes to just over cleanse your face of excess dirt and skin that may have not washed out in the shower :)

I personally use Burts Bees because it's more gentle on my skin. I always used BB but just recently I decided to try out these pomegranate face towelettes from Neutrogena and even though it said alcohol free it still burned my skin for some reason. Even the next morning when I'd put on my concealer it burned.. since Neutrogena was melting my face off I went back to Burts which is so much nicer and for basically the same price. And it smells herbally and nice :3
2. TREAT YOUR SKIN!! I have many different types of face masks, one of my first reviews on here was on my cucumber peel-off face mask it is is still one of my favorites. It's always nice to give your face some time to absorb some of those vitamins and clean out your pours. Here's just one of my more recent buys that I'm currently using.

They're super easy to use and you can just feel the difference! Before or after you shower (I like to do it before) make sure you have a clean face and apply all over and wait until it dries. Afterwards just rinse it off with warm water or hop in the shower and your skin just feels cleaner and fruitier :)
I normally use these after I shower since your face is softer and your pours are open do to the warm water you're more likely to get more of those blackheads out! Sometimes I even use this after my face masks just to get the full affect.
3. PREVENTATIVE TREATMENT! Even though I'm 19 I can never be too careful. I went to Massage Envy to get a facial and when the lady showed how much sun damage I had in my face she talked me into buying this moisturizer to help prevent and correct some damage (I have the moisturizer below :>) Also it helps tighten my skin as I age and helps with my wrinkles D: The only thing holding us together right now is being young! We won't always be this way so we may as well take care of our skin now so we won't be old looking turtles in the future.

Murad can be on the pricey side, but I always feel like you get what you pay for. And this IS a daily moisturizer that won't dry out your skin or anything like that.
4. SPF based foundations, BB Creams and CC creams. I know I've said this many times, but I do not like foundations. If I'm wearing anything on my face it's Benefit's tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 or BB/CC creams to help treat my skin as I wear it as opposed to thicker full coverage foundations. They're good for a night out but for daily use I highly suggest tinted moisturizers, BB/CC creams!

 5. EAT RIGHT AND BE GOOD TO YOUR BODY :( I'm the last person to lecture on eating healthy so I'll spare you that much. But I've heard it's very important haha. Be good to your body, aka no smoking and all that stuff :( It damages your body and skin more than you think.

 And that's that! Everything mentioned above Can be bought at your local Ulta :>

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rebel Rebel~ November Update

So as said in the last last post, I've basically fallen off the earth the past couple weeks. Although I have been productive ~:) I FINALLY started the shading in my back eeee. For those of you who have no tattoos and are interested and you get one on your back, make sure you have someone to rub lotion on it because it honestly sucks when you have to do it yourself and you can't reach or see ;~; 

I wanted to share what I wore today because it revolves around my bra vs tattoo dilemma lol. So I slipped on a flannel and went braless to the stores because it scratches my back :( BUT you can not tell :> hehehe. I've never felt so free in public. I'll show you guys everything when I get through my last session :3


Cute holiday activities n.n

Decorating gingerbread men or even gingerbread house is a cute time killer to do during the holidays! Even though we're still in November me and a co worker still had to do it :>

Me and Mac Daddy Ging were killin' it that night.
 Mac Daddy came out okay but my cat... :(

November's Ipsy bag!

So I've been dead the past couple weeks, I'm not sure why I've been so tired even to do blog posts. But I wanted to share some of my favorites from this months Ipsy bag. This one came with a lot it seems like and I love it!
Like I said I'm just sharing my favorites, whats missing is this cute Champagne colors polish by Nailtini, a light bronzer by Pixi, some super hold mini spray can by Treseme, and a bright red lip crayon by Bombshell. 
Now my obvious excitement! A lip gloss for Michelle Phan's new line em. For a while I've been so exciting to buy some of her new products and this was actually on my list! So excited that it was in the package (although not surprised since she's one of the faces of ipsy)
This is in the shade Pillow Plush and it's a light tangerinish color, but for me when I apply it not much color transfers on to my lips :/ It has a gel like application and goes on thin, but it just feels thick. I'm glad I didn't buy this first like I initially intended when her line first dropped. Since everything in the ipsy bags are normally tester sized, I can't tell if this is the true size of the product or not but I think it is. It came in the original em packaging box. It's nice and I was super excited about it but I don't see a reason to go out of my way to buy it for how much it is :/ Sorry Michelle :(
 Next is this sweet silver eyeliner pencil. I think the reason I like this so much is because the first thing that came to mind is Pistol from t he Naked 2 palette. I think paired together it'd look pretty bad ass :3 Super smooth application too, gotta love it.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Museum of Man-Instruments of Torture

So in Balboa Park there's plenty too see and a bunch of neat museums! I have to do a report for my Physical Anthropology class so I went to the Museum of Man. Once you walk in you can also purchase tickets to go to the Instruments of Torture which is just across the way from MoM. With Student discount the tickets for MoM by themselves are only $8 and to add the ticket for IoT it would only be $15 altogether. So that's what we chose and I'm glad we did because it was a super neat exhibit.

Instruments of Torture~

 First we hit the Instruments of Torture and it's actually just a large hall filled with remodeled instruments they used to/still use around the world but I noticed a lot were from Italy. Even though some were replicas there were a lot of original pieces and some that had parts that were original to them.

These were iron masks that were used primarily on women when they talked back to a man or did anything that seemed out of their place. After they were put in the middle of the town to be ridiculed and subject to the punishment of the villagers most times :/
At the end we each chose our favorite (worst) for of torture and this is what I chose.
Tadaa. I forget what it's called but basically you're put on a spear like pole and it starts from your butthole and out from under your jaw while you're still alive :( Not a good time.

Museum of Man~

Next we headed off to the MoM and when you first walk in the first floor is all culture-based artifacts from around the world. I'm not sure if this was a once a year type thing but there was an area for beer! And since it's Beer Week I wasn't sure if it was just for that or actually part of the museum. None the less it was there!

Samurai uniform
 The last three are from an Exploring Egypt exhibit upstairs after the Primate/Human Exhibit. The security guard made sure to make a point that all of these ARE REAL artifacts and some date back centuries.
Bb mummy :(
 Probably one of my favorites of the day is these shrunken heads from Ecuador.I honestly didn't know Ecuadorians did these type of things. To think these baseball sized heads used to be real people.. and then the little sloth lol.

And that was my day :)

A day in Balboa: Winter Version~

So I wen't to Balboa Park to go to the Museum of Man for my Anthro class (plenty of awesome pictures I have nowhere else to post but here so I will be making yet another post about it) and it was actually really cold! That cool weather is finally hittin SD n.n I love the cold just so I can be warm :> Anyway I decided to wear this super oversized knit cardi and a long maxi skirt with a long side slit. Since I was (kinda) covering a lot I wore a texture crop v neck with my go-to sandals (last post) Honestly I was quite warm believe it or not. And of course everything is from f21 :>


Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Music- AM

So super behind on this post, but if you haven't listened to Arctic Monkey's AM then ya need ta go! I highly recommend it. It was released early this fall and if you're in the San Diego are they're gonna be playing at SDSU! If you go to State they won't be giving out discount for the tickets if you have you're red id sadly :/ Or else I'd def use it :<

But I hiiiiiiighly suggest you listen to this album! Below I've pasted the tracklist just so you can get a feel of it. 1,6,9 and 12. Listen to them.

1."Do I Wanna Know?"  

2."R U Mine?"  

3."One for the Road"  


5."I Want It All"  

6."No. 1 Party Anthem"  

7."Mad Sounds"  


9."Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?"  

10."Snap Out of It"  

11."Knee Socks"  

12."I Wanna Be Yours"  

Dia de los muertos- Day of the Dead

So today my cousins and I went and celebrated Dia de los muertos aka Day of the Dead and went to a festival that' was being held in Old Town. If you're in San Diego I would defiantly go! Dia de los muertos is Nov. 1&2 and I think Oct. 31? But as far as I know it's the 1&2.  For those that don't know, Dia de los muertos is a Holiday celebrated (all over but basically a Mexican Holiday) to honor family and friends that have passed in your lifetime. The festival had nice altars, build your own Frida flower headbands, you can paint sugar skulls, coffin toys and other cute things.

It was a little warm today so I wore this Geo print dress from f21 with a cage back cut out! It got a little chilly around the evening but we weren't out that long so all was well
  Also paired with these spice girl-esque sandals I got online from Urban on sale :>
My tickets to paint a mask and make my Frida headband!!
  Here's how my Frida Flower head band turned out! Cute if you ask me. I payed $10 for the ticket and gave it to the lady. I was able to choose 6 big flowers at the max, and then any number of little flowers (the daisies and lavender flowers) I was a little disappointed I couldn't fit the black flower I wanted but it's okay :( Life goes on. Also, it was my first time ever using a hot glue gun n.n

I'm a little sad I didn't get to see more altars, if you do decide to go I would definitely suggest you go see more than one, they're all different and each has their own touches. 
I'll start off by saying my mask didn't turn out too well lol. It was all cute in theory but when I actually started painting it it was just chaos. I ended up not finishing it and at this moment it's still chillin on the floor of my car haha. If you want to paint these masks don't be like me and think you're all cool and end up getting waaay too ahead of yourself. Start off with larger designs, you can always add! If I were to do anything differently it would have been to maybe paint the entire mask first or just completely leave out the magenta in general. I'm too A.D.D to take the time to do all this detail :<
Overall it was a good time to spend my Friday! I hope you all enjoyed it too :3
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