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Fall Music Playlist ♫

Best Coast- The Only Place
Lately I've been going through a Best Coast phase the past few months and I can't get over how perfect she is and how much her songs are so in sync with my life ;~; Do You Still Love Me, Mean Girls and Angsty as my all time favorites off this album.

Nightwish- Wishmaster
An oldie but goodie, Nightwish has been one of my favorite bands from back when I was in middle school (when I was introduced I knew Tarja as the singer not the newer girl) and I absolutely fell in love with her voice and words. She Is My Sin, Two for Tragedy, Come Cover Me, and Dead Boy's Poem are their best songs I think just in general and their all on this album. (With the exception of many other songs)

And those are the main 2 bands I've been music binging on lately besides Dir en grey (will do a blog post later bc too much to talk about I fangirl just at the thought of them)