Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lust For Life

Can't start a post without another car selfie :p I just wanted to make known this cute drop waist dress from f21! It's kinda boho-y and is a perfect fall length I feel like. It does have a cut out back so since it was a bit chilly when I woke up I put on an oversized leather jacket from UO and it looks really cute paired with the cutout boots also from f21 ^^
 Also Happy Halloween! Stay safe and have fun n.n

Pumpkin 101!

So today as said in the last post I carved my first pumpkin! Eeeeee. SO, I know 90% of people have done this already and I'm a little late in life but I just wanted to make a post and give ya'll some of my tips that I would have done differently n.n

First things first, clean out the guts!! It's all fun and cute at first when you use your hands but honestly just take a spoon and scrape all the gunk out its quicker and not as sticky lol Also I would lay out some old paper or news paper because it does get messy.
 Second, BUY CARVING TOOLS. I wanted to carve Jack Skellington but I messed up his eyes because I was just scraping and stabbing everything with a kitchen knife :< Also, there's plenty of stencils you can find online if you're a bad drawer! I decided to go free hand on this one..
 The brows and the eyes kinda just made a giant hole because I stabbed the knife and cut everything too close :( BUT there's always a way, toothpicks are perfect to piece back up everything that's fallen! Unfortunately that did nothing for how it came out as a whole lol. Still proud of my little jack though.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Underground Girl in an Underground World

So today I carved my first pumpkins and went to a legit pumpkin patch for the first time! We went to Bate's farm and picked out some gnarly pumpkins so I decided to share some pictures :> From SoCal it took like an hour to and back to Escondido I didn't realize how far out in the boonies it was. But definitely worth it! For 5 pumpkins it was $14! Maybe because it's the day before Halloween and they just wanted to get rid of them but still. The had a cute hay ride and a hay maze, both for $2

Later I'll make a post about my first carving experience and what I learned NOT to do because it didn't come out too great lol.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013



UNIF black tank top

2nd Day black waistcoat

Zadig & Voltaire shorts
$250 -


How are things on the west coast

So today was a chilly morning here in SD finally! It's been drizzling the past couple of days and today I decided to suit up with some combat boots and a shag sweater to wonder around school in n.n 

Shoes- Shoe Dazzle Leggins, Shag Cardi- f21

Might not be a lot, but I feel like I'm makin the most

So I went hiking down in Mission Trails the other day, and if you're in San Diego  you should definitely go there at least once! There's a bunch of different trails to follow both scenic and tougher ones. We did a lot of climbing and can say it was a little tiring, but a lot of fun.



Wednesday, October 23, 2013


So this is what I bought for Halloween, I ordered it Monday from Urban Outfitters and it came in today! So cute and soft :'> They're very much like pajamas but 10000x cuter everyone needs at least one.


Polyvore~ Untitled #1


Living Dead Makeup~

So I got a little bored today and I wanted to test out some Halloween themed makeup ideas, this year I'm going to be a kigurumi cat and then I thought, why not a DEAD CAT.

I used Pistol from the Naked 2 Palette from Urban Decay for the contouring and hollowing of the cheeks. Being that you're trying to be dead you should use some sort of grey/light black shadow to contour instead of bronzer. You want to put this along the side of your nose bridge as well as under your eyes. For once you want eye bags!! I also used it on my collar bones to make them more pronounced and give it that skeletor look.

Add some nude lipstick with the sliiiightest tint of red lip on the insides of the mouth (you don't want to look too alive), Dazzled from Tarte's Blush/Bronzer mix palette on the apples of my cheeks, some eyeliner and falsies and you're set n.n

Head Gear for Chilly Days! n.n

Some of my favorite beanies I own of all time! The first one is from Indcsn and cost me about 40ish dollars and does it's job of over heating your head if it's not cold enough lol.
 Next is Stay-cute apparel, self explanatory.
This goes out to all my k-poppers!! My fellow VIPs will understand this one :> I found this on Ebay and got it for a couple bucks, everyone needs a little Big Bang in their life 


New Purchases! Sephora Editon~

So I stopped by Sephora today and since the Holidays are coming around brands like Tarte, Urban Decay, Benefit, and TooFaced are coming out with new variety pack type things which are super cute and I wanted to check it out. (Remeber to click the images so you can enlarge the image! The quality looks way better and you can see how pretty the colors truly are!)

So the first thing I decided to get is this cute mixed blush/bronzer palette by Tarte. I swatched them and they're super soft and have such a pretty color to them. They're all matte except Dazzled has a tiiiniest bit of shimmer to it.The packaging is super cute and come with a little bangle that wraps around the palette.
From left to right: Crave, Dazzled, Darling, Dollface, Park Ave Princess
 Next is this Highlighting Blush by Nars. I've seen this a lot when I've gone it but never really payed it any attention I honestly thought it was a setting powder but then I though, then why is it with the blushes? So FINALLY I got curious enough and tried it out today and honestly it has the most beautiful color. It's white, the once you blend it out it has a super nice gold sheen to it and is just super pretty. Really glad I finally tried it out after ignoring it half my life lol.
 So this picture does really do any of the products justice but below I've swatched all the products in a gradient way and then went over them with the highlighter blush by Nars. Looks way better in person. Also! I'm wearing the little bangle that came with the Tarte Blush Palette. n.n
Hope you enjoyed ^^
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