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Selena | 27 | San Diego.

Just a hobby artistisan using a blog as a creative outlet. Posts are mostly lifestyle, fashion, gaming and everything inbetween that I’m obsessing over at the time. I also draw sometimes. @artbyselena.png

One day I’ll have the courage to stream on twitch, @selenxxxs

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PSN & battle net: @selenxs
Switch: SW-0087-5562-1232

Attempting to shoot film

I AM BACK. Sad blog culture is dead these days but it’s still one of the few ways I can express myself creatively and share things without being embarrassed that people I know irl will see lol Recently I’ve become obsessed with film photography and decided to switch it up and invest in a decent beginner film camera. I ended up getting the minolta x700 bc of @kingjvpes on YouTube lol. He’s super informative on cameras and lenses etc and really sold me on joining the Minolta gang. 

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