Monday, January 19, 2015

How to get "beach waves"

*pun very much intended (bae watch, beach  hair get it get it)* So I'm back from New York City, and it feels great to be home :-) There'll be a few New York blog posts comin up but I thought I'd  do a hair post before hand because I bought some new products recently that I've been enjoying :> Obviously I've cut my hair and since it's shorter I've lost a bit of the waves I used to have. Usually I have a really uncontrollable, wavy mess of hair that I don't even bother with but lately it's a lot flatter. Only towards the very ends do my waves start to come up but it's a little weird looking since it's shorter now. So I went to Ulta to poke around a little to look for some products to get me a bit more texture and get back the hair that I'm used to lol. 

I've actually heard a lot about Not Your Mothers products so I figured why not. I basically bought every product they had for beach hair just so I could test it all out.

Below is the semi-end result. My hair was actually still wet but I didn't really have time for it to dry that day and it was windy out so I wasn't trying to take a picture in that weather, but this is the gist of it. I'm a little surprised the shampoo and conditioner aren't drying at all, the conditioner is pretty moisturizing for containing sea salt and such. The texturizing cream is decent, you can't put  too much because then your hair dries hard and funky. I'm not a huge fan of hard hair lol Even though it holds shape I feel like I would just use mousse or hair spray if I wanted that kind of hair feel. I have yet to use the spray but overall not too bad :>

I'll have some NY posts up soon and a VLOG so stay tuned my nuggets.

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