Saturday, October 25, 2014

who gives a flying----

I really hate the fashion scene in San Diego. When I refer to the fashion scene I mean the non existent one, everything here is so laid back if you look halfway decent it's like "where're you going?" "going to see your boyfriend?" "why are you wearing that?" "I could never pull that off.." Which is just a kinder way to say "wow man you're dressed like a nut." I think it's crazy when people ask what the occasion is when you get dressed up. Life is an occasion, why not look you're best for it everyday or whenever your fabulous heart desires? 

Wear drag makeup for all it matters, it's an art that's a challenge to master. If you walk out in perfect drag and not give a damn then YOU GO GLEN COCO. Something we discussed in my TopShop training is how we can change the fashion/street wear in San Diego, and I'm sooo praying it goes down that way. Slowly but surely perhaps. I think because everyone's so casually dressed, those who actually enjoy dressing up and take pride in their clothes don't feel comfortable being "overdressed" in such a casual setting (this applies to me for the most part) especially since we're so closely entwined with the "beach scene" wherer the usual is girls wearing sandles and crop tops and guys in jeans and tanks.

Let's say you buy some crazy statement piece that you fell in love with but don't know where to wear it to because it's too "out there" or too "sexy." WEAR IT WHEREVER THE HELL YOU WANT TO. Because why? Everyday is an occasion and a different opportunity. Nothing irks me more than someone saying something is too sexy. Usually if someone says something is too "sexy," they're 9/10 times fixated on your boobs/cleavage, which;

1. is completely uncontrollable
2. none of your business

As a big girl (DD) I know that no matter what there will ALWAYS be cleavage. As women we will always be sexualized for doing simply, everyday activities. This, IN NO WAY, should affect your decisions in how you look everyday. Dress like a Queen whenever and however way that suits you, and don't be swayed by other people's lack of taste judgements.

/end rant/ :3


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