Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What's in my medicine cabinet

Welcome to my bathroom cabinet lol. So everyone can see the amount of face masks I use, a few have been part of a favorites posts but I'm gonna highlight a few that I haven't before :3
This spray smells, AMAZING. Sooo good smelling. But it does leave your hair extreeeemely dry and gross feeling :/ I naturally have really beach looking hair so when I use this it's usually just a few spritz for volume.
 One of my favorite exfoliaters now! I think I got this in last months ipsy bag and honestly, it's a lot better than most exfoliaters I've used. When I squeezed it out I actually thought it was a moisturizer because I wasn't able to see or feel the little bumps in it until I actually started rubbing it in my face. It leaves your face bb soft~ :-)
 And my usual go to face peel when I'm feeling lazy. You have to layer it thinly or else it wont dry right, but I like it bc it looks like honey. :3


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